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Frequently Asked Questions

Liability Waiver

All new students must sign liability waivers prior to participating in a class, private session or party. You MUST use your legal name on your waiver; you will be asked to provide identification as a reference. 

Party Policies

Class Fees

Class fees are to be paid prior to class.

Warm Up


A full body warm-up is MANDATORY prior to the start of all classes.

  • Please do not use any body moisturizers including grease/lotions/oils/creams/butters on the day of your class. Greasy Poles and floors are dangerous and minimize your ability to properly grip the Pole! 

  • No street shoes are allowed in the studio.  Please remove your shoes at the front. Only bare feet, socks or Pleaser shoes are allowed on the studio floor.

  • Jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets, anklets) are to be removed during class as it scratches the Poles or can get caught on your clothing and the equipment. Waist beads are to be tucked in. 

  • Watches of ANY KIND are to be REMOVED during class as they scratch the Pole.

  • We recommend wearing Pole or Yoga shorts and sports bras.

  • No clothing which exposes private parts and no nudity is allowed. ALL intimate areas and body genitalia are to be fully covered. Chest area must also be covered at all times (wearing pasties only or the like is not considered an acceptable form of coverage). If there are closed or exotic classes where the dress code is flexible it will be included in the class special instructions. I.e. pasties in a burlesque class. 


Studio Poles SHOULD NOT be used before classes have started, after classes have ended, or in between classes. 


  • Please silence phones and DO NOT use phones during class. Any necessary phone calls or text messages should be taken outside of class and at the back of the studio near the bathroom. This is to show respect for the instructor present and to lessen class distractions/disruptions.

  • Please note, class instruction SHOULD NOT be recorded or posted to the internet or any social media platform. Time will be allotted for you to have the opportunity to photograph and videotape at the end of class. For the privacy and comfort of all present at the studio and during class, please only record yourself. 

  • If there are circumstances where you will need more space to record a move or routine that you are working on, please ask a fellow classmate to record you or the instructor will allot time for you to do so.

Safety Spotting

Students SHOULD NOT be spotting (physically assisting) other students. If you require assistance, please ask the instructor. Safety mats are also available for use. There will be times instructors teach students how to safely spot one another. With our supervision. 


Students SHOULD NOT be instructing during class. This is to show respect for the instructor present and to lessen class distractions/disruptions.

Refunds/Cancellation Policy

Your  deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE once the appointment is scheduled and the deposit has been paid!  

Changes (duration of party, date, and or time) may be made to parties up to 48 hours in advance, by calling the studio at 850-603-8193 or emailing us at  Credit towards a future party will be given as long as the party takes place within 60 days of the reserved date.

If you call to completely cancel your party, you forfeit your entire deposit, no rescheduling will be provided and no money will be refunded. 


When classes are full, you can sign up to be on the waitlist.  When signing up for the waitlist, please expect to come take the class and be ready to come to the studio.  If you are not sure you will be able to make it with a short notice, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being charged for class in case you are added to class.  When a student signs out within the 6 hour cancellation period, you will receive an automatic email letting you know you have been added into class and are no longer on the waitlist.  If you are added into class, you will be held to the same cancellation policy as any other class you sign up for. 


* Please make sure you have a valid email address and phone number on file so we can easily contact you.

Late Arrivals

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your class.  Please plan for traffic, parking, and be on time to avoid losing your class.

Anyone who arrives late WILL NOT be allowed into class and WILL be considered a late cancel.  This is for your safety (a proper warm up is mandatory), and respect (cuts into other people’s time).  

Class Minimums

A 2 person minimum will be required for all instructor-led classes. Open studio is not included. 

Please note, if 2 people are not signed up two hours prior to any instructor-led Pole and non-Pole class (not applicable to Open Studio), class will be canceled. If you are the only person who is signed up for that class, you will be notified immediately of the class cancellation via email/text/phone. 


With the exception of bottled water, no food or beverages are to be consumed during class on the studio floor.


For your safety, gum-chewing is not allowed, as it is a choking hazard.

& Spectators

For the privacy and comfort of our students and instructors, we do not allow class observations/spectators.  Unless you are a parent observing a class your child is in. 

Inclement or
Severe Weather

For the safety of our students and instructors, The Blush Collective Studio  LLC reserves the right to cancel classes on days of inclement or extreme weather. In the event classes are cancelled, students will receive cancellation notices immediately via email and text message.

Alcohol, Drugs or Substances

Alcohol or drugs/substances should not be consumed before engaging in any activities at  It is incredibly unsafe to do so.  Alcohol or drugs/substances are not allowed in the studio.  Please use caution with prescription or over-the-counter-drugs that affect your focus and concentration, as that is a safety issue.  


Any person who arrives intoxicated, or under the influence of any drug/substance, WILL NOT be allowed to participate in class and WILL still be charged.  Any Blush Collective Studio instructor  has the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol with no refund.

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