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Who We Are

Amy with Flow Fans

Amy Goodyear

Studio Owner & Certified Instructor

Amy is a homeschool mom to 5 children. When the older kids started to graduate and enter adulthood she found herself with some time. She decided that it was time to address the bucket list. The first stop was Pole Dance classes. Of course this being somewhat intimidating she twisted the arm of her bestie to come too.  This changed the course of their lives, health and friendship. They were hooked! Since that time Amy has taught pole classes for another studio and decided to open The Blush. A vision was born. Since then Amy has acquired an Ace Group Trainer Cert. and several other certifications relating to mobility, flexibility and adaptive training. Amy's passion is to help people who are not so sure if they can achieve movement on the pole or apparatus believe in themselves. Creating accessible programs by applying her specialized  certifications to Pole Fitness and helping people become and stay mobile are Amy's teaching passions.  

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Molly Motis

Manager of All Things & Instructor

Mollys pole dance journey began in 2020 when her bestie, studio owner Amy, wanted to check an item off her bucket list, little did she know that going to that first class would end with her teaching beginner classes at Amys studio down the street from her home.
You will quite frequently find Molly and Amy teaching a class together, as together, they make one well-rounded pole instructor. (Join a class to find out why)
Molly has taught intro pole classes for the last few years and loves to see her students strut, spin and work it! Come to your first class in sweats and a t-shirt, do you, do your comfort level, just show up! At the end of the day we are all trying to be happy in our own bodies.
Molly has been captivated by the many facets of pole dancing and all it has to offer. Pole dancing for Molly is not just a form of physical activity, it is self expression, growth, body positivity, and lots and lots of awkward moments.  . A playful, creative way to calm an anxious mind in a crazy world. Molly has always loved to share her knowledge and laughter, and is so excited about the community that is being created at The Blush Collective Studio. 
When not teaching Molly can be found at home with her family, a quirky homeschooled teenager, and her cranky,  self employed,  welding hubby of 20 years.  Molly is on her own movement journey with circus, flow and aerial arts and she would love to be a part of yours.

Molly Chair Balance
Pole Dance Milton Florida The Blush Collective


Pole, Aerial Hammock, Certified Personal Trainer 

Laura discovered her passion for aerial arts in 2018 during her first silks lesson and has been dedicated ever since. She has since focused on silks, hammock, and pole. She spent 5 years teaching middle and high school students before transitioning in 2021 to fulfill her dream of teaching fitness classes and owning her own photography business. Laura holds a master's in education and is certified by ACE, Yoga Alliance, and Xpert Aerial Hammock. She believes that pole and aerial are for every body. She enjoys challenging her students with rigorous classes, but always offers modifications to accommodate all fitness levels. She loves seeing her students' hard work pay off and the joy they feel when they achieve their goals.


Sara Green


Meet Sara! She teaches a number of unique classes here at The Blush. You can catch her with the circus monkeys during Children’s Creative Movement, Intro to Flow Arts and occasionally, leading pop-up chair dance classes. Sara has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and was an assistant teacher in ballet & tap for a few years before college. After a long hiatus from the performing arts & theater world, Sara started taking pole fitness classes at an amazing studio in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. This reignited her passion for dance, while also entering an entirely new universe of movement and creation. She can often be found dancing on the ground, with a hoop, with fire, in the air and in chairs. Her youthful sense of imagination brings a unique flair to her performances and teaching style.

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Hula Hoop Flow Dancer Milton Florida
Rayah on a Lyra

Rayah O'Rear

Instructor & ASL Interpreter

Rayah fell in love with dance and performance from taking tap, jazz, and ballet classes throughout her childhood. She has been involved with aerial and flow arts since 2016, when she discovered the wonderful circus community in Indianapolis. There, she built her strength and self confidence in a supportive and uplifting environment! Rayah is an instructor and performer with Blush Collective Studio and has found the same wonderful community there. Rayah is passionate about aerial hoop and flow arts which includes hoop dance, silk fans, veil poi, etc. And 2024 is the year she’s starting to light her props on fire! She also often magically transforms into a mermaid or fairy! When she’s not performing or teaching, Rayah owns a small business where she makes traditionally handbound journals and sketchbooks! She loves American Sign Language, reading, and visiting the Renaissance Faire. One of the first things you’ll learn about Rayah is her love for cats!

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Certified NAASM Personal Trainer The Blush Collective Milton

Hello! I’m Samantha Wisnoski. I am a certified Pole Instructor with 7 years teaching experience. Among my many Pole Certifications I am also an ISSA Certified Physical Fitness Trainer, a Sports Nutritionist and I stay current with Red Cross CPR-First Aid. 



I enjoy the fitness aspect of pole just as much as I enjoy the art of dancing and the many genres to explore. I believe that Pole is not only healthy for your mind and body but it can also heal your heart and soul. 


My style of teaching is to take things slow, step by step and break things down. Understanding that there are many ways to teach something is important to me because we are all unique in the way we learn. I feel that I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me.


My favorite thing about being a Pole Instructor is the relationship I build with my students. I feel honored to be given the opportunity to witness and be apart of each student’s individual journey. I am very excited to expand my experiences & relationships with everyone at The Blush Collective!

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