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The front doors of The blush Collective Milton Florida Pole Studio
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Hi, I am Amy. A few years ago I got a little fed up. I had 5 kids and the last one was old enough to be left a little bit. I decided I had been waiting to lose weight to live. That is just a crap philosophy by the way. I decided to live in the body I am in. To put this into action I had to enlist my bestie. The Lucy to my Ethel in adventures ( that's her upside down on the side of your page. Cool huh?). I talked her into taking pole dancing classes! This was a life changing event. Molly and I were hooked. This led to us trying all the apparatuses available, traveling to take classes. We both taught classes for a bit. Many pounds were lost, inches converted to muscle. Dopamine was produced and everyone's health improved. However, we felt like there could be a better way. An inclusive studio. A space for every body. We could create advertising that is more body friendly. We could modify and slow down our teaching and explore how it could be friendly for bigger bodies or bodies with different abilities. We started to brainstorm and manifest this utopia. We talked to other aerialist and pole instructors we know. Only the coolest ones were invited, of course. People we knew we could trust with our clients and our mission. People who also are in diverse bodies and not a standard issue dancer body always. The Blush Collective was formed.  We do our very best to make sure that our students achieve their fitness goals regardless of what they are, while being respectful of your body and your boundaries. We are dedicated to providing you with educated, certified or qualified instructors who are invested in your over all well being. We have created a safe space for everybody to have fun in every kind of body. Come play with us!  

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Our Certifications

At The Blush Collective Dance Studio, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and inclusivity. Our instructors are certified in a diverse range of education-based courses, including creating safe and inclusive environments, special needs adaptations, advanced movement, flow and more, ensuring that our studio remains a welcoming space for every individual, regardless of their background or abilities. 

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