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Check out our class descriptions below. 

Please Note: 

Waiver Policy: All new students must sign liability waivers prior to participating in a class, private session or party.

Read our Studio Policies here.


Attire: Shorts, sports bra, tank top, bare feet or socks.  No creams or lotions on the body.

In general, please no jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets, anklets, etc.) Waistbands to be tucked in. No creams, moisturizers or lotions on the body. No chewing gum.

milton florida pole dance


Curious about Pole?  Little or no pole dancing experience?  Come meet  your new dance partner...the Pole!  We will introduce you to the basic fundamental pole moves, spins, twirls, struts and transitions of static pole. Flirty, fun choreography will be taught. 

milton florida aerial hammock strengh


(All Levels)

This is a mixed class incorporating strength & conditioning for students of all levels.  It is designed to help you strengthen and condition your overall body to safely advance to the next level of your Pole or aerial journey. 

Attire: Pole or Yoga shorts, sports bra, and bare feet.  No creams, oils, moisturizers or lotions on the body to ensure a good grip on the pole.

Lyra Aerial Hoop Milton FLorida The Blush Collective


The Lyra or aerial hoop is one of the most striking of all the aerial apparatuses thanks to its perfectly circular design. Because it creates such a perfect frame for the artist, the aerial ring, aka cerceaux, is highly flattering to the performer which makes it a great choice to start out on. We provide all levels, beginner and intermediate level classes. 

The Lyra or aerial hoop allows for a wide range of exercise from below, within, and above the bar. From conditioning exercises to flips, the Lyra provides a perfect circle through which to move the body, find new shapes, and challenge yourself. 

Yoga warrior pose The Blush Collective Milton FLorida

Restorative Yoga

What is restorative yoga? Restorative yoga enables deep relaxation as you hold poses for longer periods of time with the help of props to completely support you. the main focus of Restorative Yoga is that by relaxing in poses, with the aid of props, without strain or pain, we can achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. 

 This class is designed with gentle floor based sequences using bolsters, blankets,and props that support the student to fully relax the muscles,slow down the mental activity of the brain,shift emotional patterns, bring ease to the breath, shift emotional patterns, bring ease to capacity. This hour long class is perfect for any ae or level student looking for a mind-body connection 

Level I Very gentle no experience needed. Appropriate for individuals with physical challenges. 

Aerial Sling Hammock Instructor Milton FL


Aerial Sling presents a unique apparatus that invites students to explore dynamic movements and shapes suspended from a single point. While it may share some similarities with the Aerial Yoga, Aerial Sling brings its own distinctive features to the table:

  • Aerial Sling consists of a loop of fabric suspended from a single point, resembling a swing. This is hung from a swivel. Allowing for dynamic movements.  Performers use this apparatus to sit, stand, and execute flips within the sling. 

  • Loop Design and Performance:
    With a medium-low elasticity, the fabric allows for seamless transitions and fluid movements.

  • Fabric and Grip: With a medium-low elasticity, the fabric allows for seamless transitions and fluid movements. 

  • Versatility and Creative Expression: Aerial Sling artists often explore a wide range of movements and sequences, fostering creativity and artistic expression. The unique design encourages performers to experiment with flips, spins, and wraps.

This is a choreography not an aerial yoga class. 


Our children's creative movement classes will truly be a circus! Your kiddos will learn to stretch move and dance with fun props such as hula hoops, silk fans and glow stick poi. They will be in a safe space where they feel they can express themselves. The encouragement of children to explore movement using music and flow props encourages the development of physical and social skills,channeling energy in a healthy way that nurtures their creativity. Performance and showcase opprotunities will be available for dedicated students at any level. Students age 5 and up.

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